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The capabilities of the Turkish Air Force gained new dimensions as of 1980s with the 3rd generation aircraft incorporated into service. The flight training systems were arranged according to this inventory structure and the Air Force reached a training readiness level to meet the requirements of the 2000s. Within this context, the Turkish Air Force units participated in the Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo operations by deploying one of its squadrons at Ghedi Air Base Italy since 1993 and Aviano Air Base since 29 May 2000 in line with the United Nations resolutions and generated 35647.30/10626 hours/sorties without any incident so far and returned to Turkey.

Technical and academic training capabilities were also improved at the same level and as of 1990s personnel at various ranks from different countries started training at the Air Force Academy, Air Technical Schools Command, Air Language School Command, Flight Schools and particularly at Aerospace Medicine and Physiological Training Center in Turkey using state of the art systems.

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