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Discharge operations were initiated in the army as dictated by the provisions of the Moudhros Armistice and the German aviation personnel left the country. The Air Force General Inspectorate trying to reconstruct itself on 29 July 1918 had no personnel, but only remained as a title on paper.

However, using the aircraft left after the First World War the Turkish aviators tried to establish air (aircraft) stations in İstanbul, İzmir , Konya and air (aircraft) companies in Elazığ and Diyarbakır. The personnel, aircraft and materials began to be accumulated in the above-mentioned locations.

Meanwhile, the Turkish War of Independence under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha broke out in Anatolia to ensure the freedom of the Turkish Nation and the integrity of the country.

The Turkish aviators also took part in this struggle and joined Konya Air Station in Anatolia. Under these circumstances, the Air Force General Inspectorate was abolished and its personnel were dispersed under the Ministry of War directive dated 25 June 1920. Thus the Turkish Aviation was deprived of its organization, personnel and materials, in other words the Turkish Aviation in the Ottoman Era came to an end. The new Turkish State, founded with the inauguration of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 23 April 1920 in Ankara, considered it essential, in the first place, to establish disciplined and regular armies and in parallel with this principle, the Air Force Branch was established being affiliated to the War Office by the order of Ministry of Defense of the Ankara Government, dated 13 June 1920.

After the first air force organization of the new Turkish State was inaugurated, efforts were pursued to repair the damaged and defective aircraft available at hand and to procure the required materials, and the Turkish aviators performed their duties faithfully even under the most stringent circumstances, by participating in the operations conducted at the east and west fronts.

On 1 February 1921, an organizational change was made and the name "Air Force Branch" was changed as "Air Force General Directorate". Following this, on 5 July 1922, another organizational change was also made and the Air Force General Directorate was replaced by the Air Force Inspectorate having the same level of authority with a division.

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