Air Force Academy

Having started its education life in 1912, the Air Force Academy operates today in order to meet the officer need of the Turkish Air Force in the fields of electronic, computer, industrial, aeronautical and aerospace. Highly qualified manpower, who can follow his basic professional education and training after graduation and who has acquired the orientation with regard to perform advanced-level tasks, is raised during the academic education of 4 years of undergraduate education.

The Air Force Academy is settled on an area of approximately 4,5 million m2 including the flight and camp training facilities in Yalova, as well as the closed and open facilities in YESILYURT-ISTANBUL, and it has attained the capability of responding to today’s educational requirements. This area is sufficient for providing current aviation programs and suitable for making additions to assure improvement when necessary.

As of 1992, guest students from friendly and allied countries have also been trained.

Air Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Higher Vocational School

Duty of the Aviation Technical Schools Command, initially established as Aircraft Company in İzmir in 1916, is as such; to select the personnel of various classes, branches and specialties in order to bring some qualified personnel capable of tracking and implementing modern aviation technology to the Air Force and to provide technical and academic trainings. Non-commissioned officer personnel training in the fields of electronic, computer, industry, aeronautical and aerospace, who can fulfill technical tasks in air and land sites of the Air Force Command is provided.

Name of the Aviation Technical Schools Command, which was re-configured in line with the requirements of age in 1998, has been changed as “Air Corps Schools and Technical Training Central Command”.