Combatant Air Force and Air Missile Defence Command

To assemble all main combat units under the command of one, “Combatant Air Force and Air Missile Defence Command” established at Eskişehir on 05 August 2014. Main subordinate units of this command are ;

  • To manage air operations at a central authority “Deputy Chief of Command and Combined Air Operations Center” established at Diyarbakır,
  • To manage air and missile defence coordinated with internal army and navy units at a central authority and to use engagement role “Air Defence Command” established at Eskişehir.

Therefore, within Air Force a joint, fully integrated and interoperable structre was provided and Turkish Armed Forces achieve the capability of operating all air and missile defence components at one center that also covers the space.

With its new command structure acquiring technological capabilities, Air Force will have more effective command anc control, Turkish Armed Forces’ Operative effectiveness and strength will increase

This organization, is a unique structure that will bring our most suitable and strong abilities of geopolitic conditions of our geography into stage. Besides mentioned transformation, will make Turkish Armed Forces more compatible with updated NATO Force Structure.

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